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Surreal Artworks in other dimensions

Art is either revolution or plagiarism
Paul Gauguin

Surrealism artLooking for exclusive art for office or home? Check out my collection of original artwork in a unique style that combines surrealism, cubism, and photography together to create a new reality. Photography in other dimensions is my signature style, my individual perspective that I share with the world. I don't shoot cities, squares, bridges, houses, etc. what they look like, I shoot what they feel like.

In the course of its existence photography has had a long monopoly and close relation to realism and the seeing-is-believing notions. However, things are very different now than they used to be. Like Cubists challenged conventional forms of representation that had been the rule since the Italian Renaissance, art photography in other dimensions has razed the principles of photography to the ground.

Surrealism in other dimensions

Art in other dimensions captures a moment of genuine transformation. It is a projection of the fantasy, sustaining reality. It serves as a time capsule of urban and natural environments. Each object in the picture is also present in its triple reverse. Impressive depth effect shapes single homogeneous visual space. The smooth flowing lines, soft contours, and the continuous transition from one shape to another lead the viewer's eye from one part of the image to another. Simplification of forms reflects the influence of Cubism, while mind-bending optical illusions, manipulations, and metamorphosis much remind the works of Maurits Escher, Salvador Dali, and Rob Gonsalves. The ethereal images appear to be floating in the surrealistic and geometry-based realm, where physical laws are virtually suspended.

The reverse perspective

Reverse perspectiveThe reverse perspective of the original art tricks viewer's eye into thinking the artwork is going away. Like Pavel Florensky, who believed that the reverse perspective of Old-Russian icons brought the viewer into the spiritual universe, I appreciate in photography in others dimensions the fact that the onlooker actually forgets he is in front of a picture that acts as a "wall" and enters into its non-linear space. New art is about enhanced perception. The aesthetic value of photography in other dimensions lies in the originality and creating a totally immersive experience. It is a chance to see the world from the point of view of the world itself, to see it from inside. It is an opportunity to eliminate the observer's role and plunge into the abyss of eternity and infinity.

Despite art is not what you see, but what you make others see, creating original art starts with concise and clear artistic vision and then with the technologies to bring wonders to the picture. Not vice versa. The use of specific technologies and technical tools is determined solely by the idea of the artwork.

Outstanding photography in other dimensions is above and beyond materiality. It is not just art for sale. First of all, it is art for the soul.

Alexander Shimbarovsky doesn't stick to tried and tested techniques but risks new options, wild forms, and creative ideas. You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. That's not about Alexander's artwork. I bet, you will look at his art photos for a second and think of them all your life. His surrealism art is a non-figurative metaphor of the world.

Anna Avetova, an art expert and art manager

The mannerist, at first glance, style of Alexander Shimbarovsky hides the mature-Renaissance intention of reforming the globe. Every moment in his pictures is a synthesis of different aspects of multidimensional, intricately twisted space, capable to vibrate, to bend like a Möbius stripe, to wrinkle like an accordion, to sparkle with visual tautologies and fireworks, and to flake off like a cake.

Oleg Sidor-Gibelinda, art critic and journalist

Different dimensions art

A new perspective unblocks the new possibilities. These photographs were created in the usual world, but show a completely different line of view on reality. Everything that falls into the camera lens is transformed into a distorted, elongated and compressed application, made of the real figures.

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