Ukrainian artist Shimbarovsky Alexander

Shimbarovsky Alexander

was born in 1974 in Kiev, Ukraine.

2012 - Master of arts, KNUTD (Kiev national university of technology and design), Faculty “Film/Video and Photographic Arts”. 

Professional photographer, graduated from college KNUTD specialty “Artistic Photography” received a degree in “photographer”.

2009 – Member of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine (NSPAU)..

From January 2009 – in the art-group “Absinth reality”, with Vadim Shamanov.

2010 – 2014  -  Lecturer in the First National School of TV in Ukraine.

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Photography in other dimensions

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Ukrainian artist

Since the days of the Byzantine iconography to the era of the Cubists, Surrealists and imp-art artists wonder about the peculiarities of the psychological perception of the world. Different from the only visual, trying to portray in a single picture of the object at the same time from different directions.

The classic fine art based on realism of the subjective perception of the viewer. And the object tries to recreate it using asymmetric projection on a plane through a point in Euclidean space. Similar to the human eye (the camera obscura, pinhole camera). 

In the project «photography in other dimensions» I filming the objects of real world. I use projection in the space of Riemann, I create new paradoxical-surreal objects in a other dimension.